Weight Loss Programme

Lose weight and feel fantastic!

» Are you frustrated with being out of control with your weight?

» Feeling the effects on your health of unhealthy food choices, food addiction, overeating?

» Sick of clothes never fitting? Growing out of your clothes?

» Feeling like your self esteem and confidence is lacking due to weight issues?

»Wanting to take control of your health and your future?

Our hypnosis sessions for weight loss can cover many different weight and food related concerns including:

» Portion control

» Food addictions and binge eating

» Sugar and carbohydrate addictions

» Lack of motivation to exercise

» Junk food addictions

» skipping meals/poor meal planning

» Inconsistent approach to eating

» Lack of variety in meals/foods

» Aversion to healthy foods

» Dislike of vegetables or fruits

» Overconsuming alcohol and soft drinks or sugar laden drinks

The fact is that everyone is different and we offer tailored weight loss solutions through our Hypnosis sessions to help you overcome negative habits and start living the life that you want.

Many people ask how many sessions will they need. Well as every individual is different its not possible to say how many sessions will be the right number of sessions for you personally as there may be a number of concerns to address and some people like more support and coaching as well. For weight loss a minimum of two sessions is recommended and of course additional sessions can support you in your journey to a healthier you!

Here is what some recent customers have said:

“Thank you for the session. I must admit, I think it has had immediate effect on me, as I do not like the sight of potato chips and bread is not even in my thought!!! I am very thrilled about that.” M. C. Brisbane

“Thankyou Lanai, I have been blown away, this has been brilliant, all of my old bad habits are gone, I am now eating good healthy food and no more purging or binging.” TT

“I feel amazing, I have no desire to eat the sweets, chocolates and junk that I had been overconsuming, I have given it all away and am not even tempted to buy more. I have even been surprised in other areas too, as during the week when I was stressed and wondering how I could get everything done I thought of our session and I suddenly became calm and focussed and was able to work through things methodically and get things done so much quickly, my mind was so clear.” LP Cleveland

“Thank you for the session today. I totally loved the experience and I am looking forward to eating less and exercising more” R.C. Gold Coast

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