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Enhance Hypnosis works with clients in Brisbane and also can work with interstate and international hypnotherapy clients via Skype as long as camera and stereo headphones are available. Please contact me to discuss this option.

Enhance Hypnosis has worked with hundreds of clients over the years in the following areas:


Stop Smoking Programme

Invest in your life, save your money and your health!


Give up smoking.

» Are you concerned about the negative effects of cigarette smoking on your own health and your families health?

» Are you feeling like a social outcast due to your smoking habit?

» Sick of spending an absolute fortune on cigarettes?

» Are you sick of your clothes, house, car and breath smelling like cigarettes?

» Have you tried many times to give up to no avail and feel like you just don’t have the willpower to make it work?

Quit now through Hypnosis.


Weight Loss Programme

Lose weight and feel fantastic! strong>

»Are you frustrated with being out of control with your weight?

»Feeling the effects on your health of unhealthy food choices, food addiction, overeating?

»Sick of clothes never fitting? Growing out of your clothes?

»Feeling like your self esteem and confidence is lacking due to weight issues?

»Wanting to take control of your health and your future?

»We provide the Hypno – Band Hypnotherapy programme or tailored weight loss Hypnosis sessions designed to address your own concerns and habits relating to food and exercise.


Stress Reduction sessions

Reduce your stress levels

»Feeling a little overwhelmed with life in general?


»Are you tired, lacking energy, anxious or feeling highly strung?


»Are you just feeling the pressures of work and a busy schedule?

Hypnotherapy can be incredibly beneficial to you.


Motivation to exercise

Want to be more motivated to exercise?

This session is specifically designed to increase willingness to exercise and encourage you to take action in the area of exercise and fitness.


Goal Success

Want to be more motivated to succeed with your goals you have set?

This session is a powerful session designed to assist you in transforming goals into reality.

Other common areas include Hypnosis for:

Caffeine addiction
Junk food/Food addictions
Chocolate addiction
Alcohol addiction
Lack of Confidence
Clutter or hoarding
Anger Management
and more…….. just call us and ask


Corporate/Business and Sports Performance Enhancement

Want to improve your game in your sport or improve your performance at work or in business?

»Want to be able to perform at your best at all times?


»Want to be motivated to succeed and achieve?


»Lacking drive and determination?


Corporate relaxation sessions:

Deep relaxation sessions for the corporate or office environment. Also suitable for corporate events and conferences to increase focus and reinvigorate participants.

These sessions can take place in the work environment during a lunchtime or at corporate events or conferences with up to 10 participants at a time. As an employer the benefits can include:

»Staff who are more relaxed, more focused AND motivated


»Greater productivity


»Less stress


»Potentially less staff sick leave


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