Common Hypnosis questions answered here,

Can I be hypnotized?

A person cannot be hypnotized unless they agree and co – operate. In actual fact no one can be hypnotized if they do not want to be and nobody can make you do anything you don’t want to do. You are still in control. You will only be able to be successfully hypnotized if you are willing to follow instructions. Most people will be surprised to learn that you actually go into a trance like state every day without even realising. For example you may go into a hypnotic state whilst driving, watching TV, working on a computer, reading or daydreaming. You also need to go into a hypnotic state just before you go to sleep or wake up.

What does hypnosis feel like?

You may never have been hypnotized before but you would have experienced examples of what it’s like to be hypnotised by being in a natural trance like state, as mentioned these trance like states occur every day without people even realising. When you feel this way you are just at a heightened level of awareness and focus. It is very relaxing and rejuvenating, just like having a power nap.

In fact the feeling of being hypnotised is very much like a “daydream” state, many people “expect” hypnosis to feel a certain way due to many of the misconceptions out there but it is a simple dreamy state where you can relax and feel like you are simply daydreaming. It is the best state for focus, learning and motivation.

Have you ever been driving and you realise you miss a turn off because you were ” Miles away”, or ever tried disturbing someone from television sometimes and you cannot seem to get their attention. These are just two examples of people being in a “trance like” state. Daydreaming or reading intensely could be another, even surfing the net and being so absorbed in what you are doing. You may also feel a sense of timelessness e.g. time goes very quickly or very slowly.

How does hypnosis work?

Hypnosis is not sleep and it is not a loss of consciousness. Hypnosis is just a state of physical relaxation where you are able to be at the height of your mental awareness. In this state you are able to tap into the power of your own subconscious mind, it is an excellent state for learning, relaxation and also for working on creating positive behavioural change/giving up unwanted habits.

Is Hypnosis mind control?

Absolutely not, hypnosis is not mind control, you still make your own choices based on your own belief system, Hypnosis is simply an aid to help you accelerate what you know you already want . In fact people already have all of the resources and tools themselves to accomplish their goals. But because of the past, negative thought patterns and other distractions they may not be able to achieve their goals.

Hypnosis encourages your mind to be sync to achieve the goals that you have already set out to achieve. It helps with the mindset and focus. This makes for one highly motivated individual!


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