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“1 month since 1st meeting.

100% success..thank you so much…you are an angel.

Diet Coke…just need a fizzy drink now and again….otherwise my water is back as it was my main drink.

Instead of Barcardi and Diet coke I now have Shiraz wine.

Chocolate..not a 2nd thought…had a cold piece yesterday as a test (someone had some here at work) …not really enjoyed…no need for a 2nd piece.

Not a month yet.

Doughy cakes.

Haven’t given them a 2nd thought.

However, I had a muffin today as a test….hard to finish and no need for another one.

Thank you once again.”  



“Hello Lanai

Update: By the way Karen has not had a cigarette since her first and only visit to you about 6 weeks ago and this is like a miracle.


Since my first visit my anxieties appeared to have lessened and after my second visit I was so relaxed that we did the forbidden/unthinkable, we went to Malaysia for 11 days which consisted of a 8 hour plane flight each way. I relaxed and enjoyed the flight to and from KL .
Due to my cancer, I am up several times per night but the big breakthrough is that when I return to bed, I return to sleep. Previously I would roam about the house all night.

I know this is long winded, however, you have changed my life and a few of my friends are watching to see how long this lasts. I call them unbelievers but again I thank you from the bottom of my heart for changing/turning around 40 years of anxiety and non-sleeping.
I told my doctor about my turn about as I have been on medication for many years and he appeared very interested as he asked Margaret and I a lot of question but not with disbelief as he is a wonderful doctor and is concerned for my health and welfare.
Enough of this long long letter but again, thank you
You can use my testimony at any time because it is true and correct and a big big blessing to me. R. Rook”

–R. Rook


“Thank you for the session.I must admit, I think it has had immediate effect on me, as I do not like the sight of potato chips and bread is not even in my thought!!! I am very thrilled about that…”
–M. C. Brisbane


“I am now a non smoker, this has helped me have better health and life, Lanai you are excellent in your work…”            
–J.L. Ormea


“Thank you for my gastric band hypnosis. Since starting with you five weeks ago I am down 6.1 kg and feeling great. Still a lot to go but i am feeling confident that I will get there unlike any other time I tried to loose my excess weight.
I must admit I was skeptical to begin with but omg it works, I cannot believe how well it works.
I’m rarely hungry and almost always choosing the healthy options. I know if I up my level of exercise the weight will lift off even quicker. Thank you once again and I will happily recommend you to anyone who will listen.”


““I’m feeling great and have been easily able to resist temptation. In fact I haven’t really had to “resist” anything as I just don’t have the urge to repeat what I’ve been doing. For the first time in as long as I can remember – yesterday I had a whole day of good, healthy food, lots of water and not single bit of junk went into my mouth. Today’s been the same. Definitely a new mindset and I’m just over the moon. The feeling after I left the session was just euphoric. I haven’t felted this clear-headed in such a long time.”    
–L.L. Slacks Cree


“After being told the risks associated with upcoming surgery and anaesthesia, I sought help to quickly lose 10 kg. Hypno Band provided me a solution that has so far in a matter of weeks helped me lose more than 6 kilos. The weight loss has been controlled and I feel great. I am very pleased with the results so far and look forward to continuing to lose weight and achieve my weight loss goals.”
–Z.M. Windaroo


 ”Have been listening to your recording at best once per day for past 2 weeks. I must say in the last two weeks I have turned my eating pattern around without effort for the first time in my life and I do believe it is due to your recording. I am looking forward to my next appointment…”



“Great service. Have been smoke free now for 11 weeks thanks to Lanai! Definitely money well spent.”

“Thank you for the session today. I totally loved the experience and I am looking forward to eating less and exercising more..”
–R.C. Gold Coast